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Name:This Game Was Never Beta'd
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All group logs will be posted to this community. To read the pesterchum and individual logs, navigate to or follow each of the members below.

All invitations are accepted by mod invite only! If you have randomly stumbled upon this page and are interested in joining, please private message kkarkatvantas or twinarmagedons with the character you wish to play and a sample of your writing. Muns may play multiple characters, but please first consider your time and availability. Each character must come from a different session. Finally, please be sure to participate in at least one log a month - if this does not occur and you have not first spoken to a mod, your character will be re-released back into the pool of available characters.

==> Play hideous unbeta'd game despite your better judgement.

Despite years of advice from your parent-guardian-lusus-adult figure, you open disk one of your INTERACTIVE ADVENTURE and insert it into your computer-husktop-calculating device. You think it might be called SBURB. Or SGRUB. Or some other TRYINGLY IMPRACTICAL ACRONYM that will probably prove to be pointlessly useless for the remainder of this story. Not even a temporary confusion regarding corporate naming patterns can dampen your CHAMPION STRANGLEHOLD on fun today. You were promised an interactive game of STRATEGY, STRIFE, and TEAM PROBLEM-SOLVING and by god you are going to get the appropriately-colored blood out of this stone before it kills you all.

As seems to be the theme of your and your close circle of ONLINE FRIENDS' lives, you seem to have received a DEFECTIVE COPY. The game session that should have been yours for the plunder has also been populated by several COMPETING PARTIES, each of whom has the grublicking audacity to claim that they were there first. This is BULLSHIT of the highest order. You don't care about some COSMIC GLITCH that has colided multiple sessions into one HIDEOUS CONGLOMERATION OF BULGE-CRUSHING STUPIDITY. This is your game, and you're going to make the best of it.

==> Choose your character.

Due to the afore-mentioned EMBARRASSMENT TO PROGRAMMING, the incipisphere is now populated by four separate session players:

SESSION 1: The residents of South Park
Eric Cartman -
Stan Marsh -
Kenny McCormick -
Gregory Langsdale -
Christophe Giraud -

SESSION 2: The Beta Trolls
Karkat Vantas -
Sollux Captor -
Nepeta Leijon -
Terezi Pyrope -
Equius Zahhak -
Gamzee Makara -
Eridan Ampora -

SESSION 3: The combined Alpha and Beta kids

SESSION 4: The Alpha Trolls

Kankri Vantas -
Mituna Captor -
Meenah Peixes

You've heard various RUMORS that there may even be orphaned, rogue players running around in addition, but this is not something you have the brute willpower to think about.

==> Choose your planet and class/aspect.

You have no choice in the matter. One is assigned to you.

Your game powers will prove to be of invaluable use in order to win an already difficult session. It is unclear as to what exactly is wrong with your collective session - whether it is possible to each win separately, or whether the first victorious team will lock out the other three. The only thing that is clear is that your actions and victories seem to have an unfortunate side effect on the other teams' physical space. Violent destruction on session 1's planet might be reflected on an unrelated planet in session 3, while moving space in 4 might also occur in 1. The only places easily reachable by all parties are the extremely crowded planets of PROSPIT and DERSE.

==> Waste valuable play time harassing members of a different species.

At this point in this farce of a NARRATIVE, each session remains isolated and separated. Physical interaction is impossible for all but the psychically gifted, but you may feel the need to BRUTALLY ANNOY, SABOTAGE, or engage in DUMB TEENAGE THEATRICS with non-teammates through pesterchum or trollian. Timeline skipping has been disabled due to PROFESSOR HONEYBEE'S MEDICAL CONDITION; however all computing devices have been installed with a video viewer if the user chooses to activate it.
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